Life Science Executive Search

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How We Work

Your candidates:

  • The right chemistry
  • Multicultural fit
  • Science & business background
  • Strong leadership
  • Soft skills
  • Work style

Within your budget!

  • A dedicated consultant and support team, focused on your search
  • High placement ratio for very senior or ‘difficult to fill’ positions
  • Proactive, tailored search — local, domestic, global
  • Market mapping providing a complete overview of the current industry landscape
  • Reach all relevant professionals in the target marketplace
  • Detailed reporting, updates and management information
  • A shortlist of minimum 3-5, from up to hundreds of candidates researched
  • Flexible payment structure

How we fill even the most ‘difficult to fill’ positions:

  • We most likely already know your best matching candidates.
  • We can actually call them anytime, confidentially at work.
  • We also have their home and cell phone number.
  • We know their personal and family situation, and preferences.
  • We may have even worked with them in your industry.
  • If none of the above, we will not miss a spot on earth to find your ideal candidate.

Within your timescales

  • We conduct thorough research to identify matching candidates.
  • We then reach out to the individuals to check their fit and interest.
  • In a “calibration call,” we present you with a shortlist of candidates to see if we are going in the right direction and to identify a lead candidate.
  • Based on that lead profile we will then identify more candidates alike.
  • After we have personally vetted and interviewed those candidates, we will present the final slate to you.
  • Typically you will then decide whom to invite for interviews followed by your offer to the final candidate.