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About Us

Eduard Alberts & Partners (EAP) has designed a personal method to connect senior professionals across all corporate functions in the life science industry with the right companies. We work with domestic and international start-ups, mid-size companies and multinational corporations, engaging in a limited selection of assignments in order to give in-depth attention to each of our clients. We put ourselves in your shoes and become your advocate, maintaining your trust by keeping close rapport throughout the entire search and beyond.

After a 20-year management career in the industry and learning the ins and outs of executive search, Eduard Alberts, Ph.D. built a more thorough and effective process of matching ideal individuals with top-tier life science management teams. Using his handcrafted network of 10,000 contacts and knowledge as an executive in life sciences, Eduard was able to bring his vision to life and grow EAP to the specialized firm it is today.

We fundamentally understand what life science executives are looking for because we’ve been those executives. Our passion for life sciences and extensive experience within the industry sets us apart from our peers, and empowers us to interpret what you want and make it an actuality.